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Chou kuse ni narisou

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I'll make a habit of it :

Shiratori Nagisa is a pink haired singing idol, continually badgered by her father to find new disciples for the family dojo. In an attempt to gain free-time as a normal kid, she cuts her hair and cross-dresses as a high-school boy. "Ootori Nagisa" enrolls in a run-down school, falling in love with a rival school's gang leader, Nosaka Akira. She soon finds out Nosaka-kun is a fan of Nagisa - The Idol. Keeping up the charade, they manage to sneak time together. Rivals for Nagisa's affection, BOTH their dojo-running fathers, as well as martial artist animals and an up-in-coming Idol conspire to make their lives as complicated as possible.

 Chou Kuse ep.01

 Chou Kuse ep.03

 Chou Kuse ep.13

 Chou Kuse ep.15

 Chou Kuse ep.15

 Chou Kuse ep.16

 Chou Kuse ep.18

 Chou Kuse ep.19

 Chou Kuse ep.23

 Chou Kuse ep.23

 Chou Kuse ep.29

 Chou Kuse ep.29

 Chou Kuse ep.29

 Chou Kuse ep.31

 Chou Kuse ep.33

 Chou Kuse ep.36

 Chou Kuse ep.39 (FINAL)

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