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Slave Sisters (18+)

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Japanese Title : Shimai Ijiri

Two sisters are orphaned, their parents left them only debts, in order to pay them and get themselves a comfortable life, they have to become slaves for a dark organization, and they begin their training under the guide of a man who uses words and reasoning as his only tools, and he is determined to make them the perfect slaves, if he succeds, he will be able to retire from that organization.

 Slave Sisters 25

 Slave Sisters 24

 Slave Sisters 18

 Slave Sisters 23

 Slave Sisters 22

 Slave Sisters 21

 Slave Sisters 20

 Slave Sisters 19

 Slave Sisters 17

 Miku 04

 Miku 03

 Miku and Yukari

 Miku 01

 Yukari 03

 Slave Sisters 04

 Slave Sisters 03

 Slave Sisters 02


 Slave Sisters 02

 Slave Sisters 01

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