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This is an older four episode light hentai anime that was originally released in 1995.

The first two episodes were brought out in English under the title of "First Loves" and bears no relationship to the "Elf version Kakyuusei OAV" or "Kakyuusei TV series" that were released in 1997-1998 and 1999 respectively.

First Loves/Kakyuusei OAV (1995) is mainly centered on Kakeru and his relationship with four girls from his high school. It focuses on one girl per episode - the cute and friendly Urara in the first, the forsaken tennis girl Rie in the second, the dog-owning painter Hikari in the third and the tough-fighting motorcycle girl in the final episode. Which girl will Kakeru choose to be with by the end of the fourth episode ?

 Kakyuusei 19

 Kakyuusei 18

 Kakyuusei 17

 Kakyuusei 16

 Kakyuusei 15

 Kakyuusei 14

 Kakyuusei 13

 Kakyuusei 12

 Kakyuusei 11

 Kakyuusei 10

 Kakyuusei 09

 Kakyuusei 08

 Kakyuusei 07

 Kakyuusei 06

 Kakyuusei 05

 Kakyuusei 04

 Kakyuusei 03

 Kakyuusei 02

 Kakyuusei 01

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